Earring Storage and Stands!

I never had this problem before. Where am I going to store all of my earrings?

Before starting Bague I had one pair of earrings that I got from my husband on my wedding day that I never could bring myself to replace with anything else.

Then I started Bague - sorry hubby - and the earring collection began to grow.

I have come across two that I absolutely love.  This post is not sponsored or endorsed by Yobi or Bonmaxie - as you can see I just love the products. 

Yobi Earring and Accessory Storage who i LOVE for their Adjustable Earring Stands.  I have the normal sized Adjustable Earring Stand and their Earring Display Board (the Board I won in a competition!).  I am waiting to get my hands on the Grande sized one which is due to be released soon.

Adjustable Earring Stand:

    Yobi Earring Stand Adjustable Earring Stand and Storage solutions for earrings and accessoriesEarring stands and adjustable earring stands boards and storage solutions for accessories

Pictured is both sides of the stand which means DOUBLE the storage capabilities which is why I love YOBI's earring stands best.

Earring Display Board:

Earring display board earring and accessories storage

The earrings pictured on the earring display board are predominantly Bague products (click for floral range, bling bling collection, gold collection, statement earrings), in addition to Marc Jacobs studs, Kate Spade studs and my blingy Mimco earrings that I wore on my wedding day.

The other earring storage solution I love is the Bonmaxie Travel Earring Storage which you can see below which came in handy on my last weekend away interstate trip.  Probably packed more earrings than there were days, but you really can never have too many earring options.  Here it is pictured below with some Bague earring faves:

Travel Earring Holder Earring Storage and accessories storage pouch

So, the moral of the story is now that I have my go to for earring storage solutions, it only means I can keep the earring collection growing, which I truly do not have a problem with.

Happy online shopping :)


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